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Hi. I am a native Chinese who's been living in Switzerland for 10+ years.

I studied Scenic Painting & worked as a scenic painter at Theatre Basel. Then I enrolled to Scientific Illustration at ZHdK and transferred my study later to Design. I graduated from HSLU with a Master of Art degree in Design.

Currently, I’m working as an illustrator, graphic- & web designer on a freelance basis.
I exhibit my paintings & artworks occasionally. The latest was a duo-exhibition: "Verzerrungen—Grenzen" with artist Lisa Hutter Schwahn, by Krämerhuus Langenthal in 2015. My series of oil paintings—"Portraits of the Winners", for the Red Dot in Basel event in 2013, exhibited by Galerie Graf & Schelble Basel—is also worth a mention.
As a self-taught programmer, I focus on the web front-end development & continue honing my skills by practice.

I strive to combine design disciplines & principles with programming technologies. And I endeavour passionately to make and create great stuff in life.


Project: Portraits of the winners—oil paintings for red dot design award, 2012/13

selected red dot portraits 2013

"Art For Design": These are the portraits I've made for Red Dot Design Award event in Basel, 2012/13. I've never met any of the designers personally. All my paintings were based on the photocopies of themselvs sent to me.

  • Project: Manor Kids(5–8) T-Shirts
  • Keywords: Hand-draw-style, realistic, friendly, Witty
  • Medium: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: Nov. 2014


Kidswear, Tshirts printdesign & illustration, new collection for upcoming season of spring/summer, "Forest animals" as the given theme. The animals must have distinguishable characters.

  • Subject: Scientific Visualization
  • Keywords: natural objects, animals, archaeological objects
  • Medium: mixed techniques, diverse materials
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: 2008–2009


Some works made during my Scientific Visualization Study.

  • Project: "Augenblicke" ("Moments" in English)
  • Keywords: Time, Moments, Snapshots, Memories
  • Medium: mixed techniques
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: 2010–2012


What is time? What is a moment? How do we memorize? What will be remembered later? Why would I paint if I can just use a camera to capture anything? How to visualize a moment without telling any specific stories? How do people respond to the representation of someone else's moments?

  • Project: The 3rd Eye—Fall/Winter, 16/17
  • Keywords: Illustrations for Fashion Designers, sportswear
  • Medium: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Location: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Date: Nov. 2014


Digital drawings/illustrations for fashion design catalogue/trend forcasts: "The 3rd Eye". Create and visualize the realistic scenes for each new collection for the future.

Graphic Design



The structure, the presentation & the functionality are the cardinal concerns of my work. I specialize in web front-end development, jointing together technologies with asthetics & design principles. This unique combination of various competencies allows me to create and to serve digital products at new level of quality and efficiency.

  • pseudo-gradient-rotation in a hexagon
  • patterns built with css3
  • presentation c++ using reveal.js
  • draw with turtle (coming soon…)
  • other showcases (coming soon…)